Truce and Trenches V.1.6 Update

First Devlog post, should probably have started this when we did the first update. Anyway v.1.6 is now aviable, only one update to note: a custom cursor. Some feedback we have recieved is that it can be tough keeping track of where the mouse cursor is on screen during the game. This casued people to have trouble clicking on the soliders, as such we decided to implement our own custom cursor, bigger and easier to see than the standard mouse. Shall try and add some pictures to show the comparison between old and new cursor. We have also added in a few more phrases to the game, and now have more than 3.8million possible accord combinations.

- Rebel Observers


Truce and Trenches v.1.6 WebGL Play in browser
May 17, 2017
Truce and Trenches v.1.6 18 MB
May 17, 2017

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